Charles Manson, Part 1

Every time I think of a cult I think of the Manson Family. There are other, more scary and very real cults out there but the Manson Family always comes to mind. As a teenager, I remember one of Manson's parole hearings making national news. I'll never forget that old haggard, gray-haired man shuffling around … Continue reading Charles Manson, Part 1


The Hillside Stranglers

Part 2 I've been so tired lately. I get the kids to bed and either end up there myself by 9 or end up asleep on the couch. It's sad. I'm old. How did I get to this point? In college, I'd stay up all night studying or writing an eight page paper. I'd go … Continue reading The Hillside Stranglers

The Hillside Stranglers

Part 1 People throw the term serial killer around. Did you ever notice? Well, maybe not. Because, I guess you have to be talking about murder to be talking about serial killers. And, really, only certain groups of people are talking about murder - those who like to talk about murder, those who are obsessed … Continue reading The Hillside Stranglers