Big Girl Resolutions

When I was younger, at the start of each year, I used to make all sorts of resolutions. I had been making them since I was probably 12 or 13. My dad felt that making resolutions was important – or at least he led me to believe this. As a teenager, my resolutions were typically selfish and really easily done – much like giving something up during Lent. My dad would ask me, “Have you made any resolutions?” I would typically respond with something like, “Yeah, I’m going to give up potato chips”. And, as for Dad, he would make them: every year he would make a new resolution. Most of them would be snacking-related- eat less chocolate or sweets once per week. Maybe he made others; I was his only child, after all. It’s quite possible that he made all sorts of personal resolutions and I just never knew them. It’s not everyday that you tel your only young child the personal resolutions you’ve made. They often point only to what you feel you lack. Stoic fathers don’t typically share that with their daughter.

As I’ve gotten older, my resolutions have matured and have also multiplied. I’m not making some half-assed resolution to eat fewer potato chips; I like potato chips and I’ll eat them as I please. Now, I’m talking eating non-processed foods, writing an original sentence every day, and reading with my kid every night. You know, big kid stuff.

Keeping the resolutions continues to be an issue, however. From the moment I began making the resolutions, I’ve always been bad at keeping them for longer than a month or two. I get bored or lazy and forget. Or more likely, Instagram and celebrities fry my brain nightly. So, I’ve decided to write down the resolutions; you know, I’m holding myself accountable here. And where better to put them, then on the internet for all to see.

My resolutions have been grouped into three categories. Now, you just realized that I’m not only a nutbag but also may have obsessive compulsive disorder. Sue me: I like organization and order. Now, I’m going to be an accountable, organizational, orderly nutbag. Here’s my list, written here in the hopes that I’ll not only keep my resolutions but can also reflect on them at the end of 2017. Oh, and just to set the tone, think: The New Year by Death Cab for Cutie ’cause it’s been playing on repeat in my brain every January 1 for a decade and counting…


  1. Read together 4x per week
  2. Spend more time with both of them independently
  3. Let them know each day that they are special and loved



  1. Be more light-hearted and less serious
  2. Show more unsuspecting affection
  3. Let him know daily that he is loved



  1. Cultivate better relationships with those I love
  2. Volunteer
  3. Read more  – at least 15 books this year


It’s very likely that I could make myself lists of things I need to be better/do better at endlessly. But, then I’m just setting myself up for failure by trying to spend a year resolving to fix every little thing about myself – like needing to workout more and acknowledging that this is not the year to be able to cut out processed foods completely. I’m obviously imperfect and can’t fix everything in one year. But, maybe I’ll chip away at that stone a little one day at a time.

Happy 2017. May you try new things, see new places, and love and laugh your way through it.


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